Portfolio by Nourison

Portfolio by Nourison Kim Scodro Interiors collaborated with Nourison to create eight rugs for the Portfolio by Nourison Collection. The rugs are classically inspired, timelessly designed but incorporate a fresh and delicate palette with a luxuriously soft hand. The KSI polished design aesthetic is exemplified through this collection. The rugs provide a stunning focal point for any space but can also act as a classic backdrop within every home.

Kim Scodro Collection for Pearson

Kim Scodro Collection for Pearson Introduced in October 2018, the Kim Scodro collection was designed exclusively for Pearson. The collection includes sofas, chairs, barstools, a bench, and a skirted table. The sophisticated and feminine silhouettes are bench made in Pearson’s workroom in Hickory, North Carolina. The pieces are elegant, luxuriously comfortable, and timeless. With Pearson’s impeccable craftsmanship, customization possibilities are endless.